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About Us

Owners John and Karen Grasso both love and appreciate all kinds of music. Karen began playing the piano and the string bass at ages 8 & 9 respectively and was active in both the University of Montana and the Missoula Symphonies for 10 years. Listening to music has always brought John great joy, He can still remember playing 45 records over and over again back when he was 5 years old.

Early in the 1990’s, we were looking for a new stereo system and found out quickly there were many differences in the sound quality of speakers and electronics. Living in Montana, there are not many opportunities to audition high-end audio. Consequently, we have put on many miles traveling through the State of Montana, Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle, Portland and Tacoma just for auditioning the many brands available. We learned over our many trips the vast differences there are in speakers and electronics.

In 2000, we began looking at the possibility of opening our own high-end audio store. We put together a list of speakers and electronics that would exemplify our motto “Hear the Difference”. In July 2001, Audio Elation was established. We have two large showrooms consisting of several high-end audio and home theater systems. We believe that Audio Elation offers unsurpassed quality, value and customer service. Come join us and “Hear the Difference”!


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