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Showroom I



The picture above is our reference speakers and electronics. We have carefully selected what we feel represents the best value, quality, and performance in audio and video today. We are now displaying The Avalon Time speakers. One word Amazing. Amplification is the Jeff Rowland Model 825  amplifier. Preamplifier also Jeff Rowland Corus. CD playback is the EMM Labs XDS1 considered by many the best one box player available. Magnum Dynalabs MD100 handles the FM radio duties. Shunyata and Cardas cables are used throughout. We have taken this two channel reference system and combined it to include world class home theater. Using the Bryston SP3 Processor for processing Sat and Blu-ray and all available formats with the greatest clarity that we have heard. This is truly a new reference piece. The Video completes the experience. We are using the Wolf DCL-200FD LED front video projector along with Panamorphs DC1 Lens with motorized transport for the purpose of eliminating the annoying BLACK BARS on 2.35-1 or 2.40-1 widescreen material. The Screen Innovations Black Diamond Curved G3 1.4 Gain screen completes the project.


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